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Thank you so much for your immediate response Everyone! I really appreciate that tho it seems it won't be necessary now as I continued to follow the instructions in the youtube video I posted (I think t comes from the bleeping computer site as there's a link at the end) apparently it deals also with a situation where internet does not want to work (duh! didn't watch the full vid and started panicking ) HOWEVER.. maybe you could advise me with this one- It says in the video to open the browser and then go to the tools then internet options, Connections then LAN settings and to untick the Proxy option there and that's great 'cause the Internet works again thanks to that wohoo! BUT after I followed everything they said in the instruction video, got rid of the malware and got back to the Normal Mode guess what? the internet doesn't work until I untick the Proxy option again in the Tools.. unfortunately they don't say anything about that- What shall I do in that case?

And thank you again for your response and help Bless you!
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