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Default context menu edit help

Newbie post:

I have a question which I can NOT find the answer to or even a helpful pointer in the right direction.

I am running Vista Home Premium and use Windows Mail.

When you place your mouse over a URL within an email message, you get a hand with a finger - you can then click on this and it'll open the link in IE or as I have read, whatever you have set as a default)

If you do a right click on this 'hand', you get a context menu list (see attached jpeg) that has the following:

Copy (greyed out)

Copy Shortcut

Save Target As...


Save Picture As (greyed out)

Save Background As (greyed out)


Select All


Add to Favorites

All that I'd like to do is edit this menu and add something to open / view the link in Firefox, but I can not find where this menu 'comes from'.

I have implemented a registry edit (contextmenuhandler) in IE to do a "View in Firefox", which works great, but this is only when in IE.

I basically want to do this in Windows Mail for a URL in an email message. I'm not sure if this is registry related or not, as I could not find a similar reference to Windows Mail.

There is much freeware out there that deals with Context Menus, but all that I've seen is related to Explorer.

If there's some freeware that will do this - please advise.

If not, understand I am somewhat technical and am not afraid to get under the hood.

Appreciate whatever help anyone can provide on this.

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