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I found a few references to the fact that it is preferable to connect a powerline router or Ethernet bridge to a common circuit breaker panel. (I am not entirely sure what that means though, but I assume it means any wiring circuits connected to different breakers in the electrical "tree" after main should work fine.)

I found this reference on a review for Linksys PLK200 Powerline AV.
I was worried about mine living in a apartment building that the circuits may not be linked, but they were. I had no problems plugging in other rooms with different circuit breakers - since they are all on the same control panel. I guess it is possible that this is not always the case - depending on how your house is wired
This white paper ( mentions the terms "cross-phase coupling" which seems to be related to your question, and seems to address the issue of sending the ethernet over different breaker systems.

I got some pretty good search results using the the query "powerline ethernet breaker panel bridging" in Google search.

I also found these two websites ( & dedicated to "powerline communications."

Hope these help
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