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OK George, sounds good.

Can you explain a couple of things for me please - what are 'power bars'? (Doesn't translate.) Does this mean the breaker / ring main / mains circuit?

Also, are your rooms on different floors (and therefore very likely to be on a different breaker)?

Here in the UK, mains electricity comes in to the property and is connected to a meter unit then a Consumer Unit, which is a circuit hub with a disconnect switch and that normally has from 8 to 16 'ways' (ie 12-way etc), which are slots for breakers (auto-fuses that can trip out and be reset). We use ring main circuits, that is, the power is wired around the room (or floor) in a circle, being connected to the breaker at both ends.

I heard that the powerline routers don't work well if the router unit and PC unit are on different breakers / ring mains.
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