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Default Pen drives as portable computers

The best thing I like about pen drives. You can take your stuff with you. Your email and browser are all set the way you want them. Family pictures and video's as well as your favorite application available on the fly. This all fits on something you can carry on your key chain.
The part that I like the best is hearing your friends say (all that on that little thing)
Pen drives are very cheap now. I see 4 gig pen drives selling for $19 US all the time. There are many free portable application launchers being developed.
So far I am using and sticking with Portable Apps. (works well in linux using wine)
Cameo being one recently mentioned on this forum. (I haven't tried yet) Has some great screen shots though.
Remember Application launchers like these require a host operating system like Windows to operate.

Puppy linux is very cool. I know Ubuntu and other linux distro's allow you to boot off a pen drive, however IMHO none do it better than Puppy linux. You can install Puppy on a pen drive 2 ways. Both ways boot off the pen drive. You can install it to leave files on your hard drive giving it a larger storage capacity. This will also allow Puppy to run faster.
The second way (the way I use Puppy) Uses the computer memory only and will not write files to the hard drive. After you shut down it will then write any changes to your pen drive. I am using a 1 gig pen drive for Puppy linux and I still have 500 megs of storage left. Puppy is very light and weighs in at 140 megs. Very nice to have if a friend needs help accessing a computer that won't boot.

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