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One thing I would like to read is a current review that rates the Spyware Terminator WITH the ClamAV added on. Most of the online reviews I've found tend to be rehashes of ST's corporate description of the software. Others usually rate the software minus the ClamAV component, even though Crawler points out that the Clam integration makes the software most effective. In my own experience with ST over the years, it's the ClamAV section (during requested searches) which tends to find most of the culprits! In the spyware section of TechSupportAlert, Spyware Terminator is only touched on for its poor detection versus the more popular recent arrivals, SuperAntiSpyware and Malwarebytes. Yet there is no mention of whether ClamAV is integrated in that version.

I've welcomed this thread if for nothing else but a rational discussion of Spyware Terminator.

Regards, Kyuzo.
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