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Default Cunning ISP trick found, for #3 DNS IP

I found a cunning ploy being used by an ISP, yesterday.

They have got wise to the fact that people are changing out their DNS IPs for OpenDNS etc, so they have bounced back with a clever trick.

Most people don't fill the #3 slot for DNS IPs on their router - I would imagine - and like me they just fill the first two. Yesterday I found that my ISP had remotely filled the third slot with their own DNS server IP, and instead of using the first two slots - #1 and #2 - as the router of course should do, they were fixing it to use #3. The cunning swine.

That meant I was back to seeing their ads when the HTTP request was refused.

So I fixed them - I deleted their DNS server in slot #3 and just cloned the OpenDNS one in slot 1 to #3 as well. Seems to work, I get OpenDNS now instead of the ISP's lousy service and trash adverts.

I'm waiting for when they block all DNS requests except from their own servers. Might need a change in the T & C though...
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