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Thanks for those articles, they were a pleasant read. I know, hardware support can vary between different distros, luckily most of my hardware worked quite well in Puppy Linux. Also, most people seems to be recommending large distros which is fine because they are in fact great but I would like to see some evaluations on small distros like the one I'm using or DSL. Even though they don't have some of those excellent large-sized softwares like OpenOffice (which contains a module similar to Powerpoint that Puppy lacks), it's still amazing that they can squeeze almost everything an average user needs in less than 20% of the sizes of those large distros. Although you can install OpenOffice in Puppy as it will be saved in the adjustable 512MB file in your hard disk. See this link: Although that page seems to be a bit out-dated, it still shows how to install OpenOffice in Puppy.
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