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Default OpenDNS - what / why / how

Here's a thread for OpenDNS - how you can use it and why.

I use it to substitute for the ISP's default DNS servers that get installed automatically on your broadband router. This has two benefits:

1. For me, the main benefit (and a massive one) is that the OpenDNS servers are updated immediately, so when I set sites live or move them or change DNS settings - OpenDNS goes live with those settings in 5 minutes and I can see the new livesite straightaway. In contrast, the ISP's cr@p DNS servers, on the router by default, are often 2 days out of date. Useless.

2. ISPs are starting to introduce targeted, profile-based advertising - ie they look at your traffic and show you ads to match your perceived interests. One channel for this, and often stage 1 of this process, is to show you ads when you enter a non-existent domain name or other faulty HTTP request. You get their custom 404 page - all adverts, targeted at you personally or in relation to the faulty request. Remove their DNS servers and they can't do this - you don't go through them [edit] for DNS requests.

Just go to your router admin -- find the DNS server info -- save it -- insert these IPs instead:

But be aware this may cause your router to reboot. This won't affect most people, but you wouldn't do it if someone is doing a download or something.

Added pic of router DNS configs -- DNS.gif
Unfortunately the forum converts a nice sharp gif to a blurry jpeg but it's still legible.
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