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Default Driver problem or something else?

Need help myself this time 'coz my limited intel can't work this one out.

I should add that my tech is on uni vacation still and only wants to spend 10 seconds on the phone before rejoining his mates


When scrolling a webpage my monitor suddenly goes blank, no colors, nothing. The keyboard does not respond. The computer does not reboot when I shove the button but freezes on the first screen with no OK "beep" from the Bios, so doesn't even get as far as Windows.

Switching off the power completely and restarting brings everything back to normal until the next time. Considering I'm online most of the day it's not happening all that often, three times now since last Friday.

My tech suggests a driver update from ATI but as the machine is almost new I'm wondering if this is right. It seems to coincide with my move to SRWare Iron beta and I'd like to know if:

a) its possible for a browser bug to cause this
b) if anyone else is getting the same

I switched back to Seamonkey today and tried all I knew to replicate the conditions and so far everything is fine.

I should add that for reasons of insanity I am currently running a x32 copy of XP Pro on a x64 machine, not that to my knowledge this should make any difference.

Any ideas would be most grateful. I don't intend to mess around with my drivers unless I know for sure that this is the problem area
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