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Here are the gory details

Said Laptop worked with wireless router in location A. Through a series of events it came to live at location B. Location B has a different router. Laptop will not work with router at Location B.

To attempt to fix the problem a fresh install of XP Pro was done. No dice. Same problem.

Laptop will, however, still connect and communicate with other wireless networks so the wireless card seams to function properly.

Laptop has integrated Intel 802.11b/g wireless card. Network is WPA-PSK encrypted. Laptop finds and appears to 'hand-shake' with router. The password key is apparently accepted as the Laptop reports connecting to the network with a good connection speed. Still internet can not be accessed. IE, Firefox, Google Chrome have all been tried.

Router is now set to renew ip address leases a few times a day.

Numerous other wireless devices in the house have no problem with internet connectivity.

Owner reports that the settings on said laptop match settings on other computers in household.You will find the owner has a good amount of knowledge about networking as he has set up everything else in the network himself.

My conclusion is Intel wireless card and Belkin router do not want to play well with each other. Perhaps some sort of compatibility issues involved. Turning off DHCP and manually inputting all network settings might work, but has negative of having to be done with the numerous other devices in the house and is not a desirable solution.

I tip my hat to anyone who can come up with a solution!

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