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Hi, Ritho mentioned the length of the lease time in his last post. I'm looking at the info that reddy4it has posted and it says "lease forever". If he's using a Belkin ADSL modem with a built in wireless router then that is the setting that Belkin recommend and is the default setting... "forever"

That means that the IP address assigned to each device on the network will not change.

As far as I was aware, ISP DHCP servers need the lease to renew every 24 hours or it won't assign any new IP addresses to the network. This could be what is preventing the laptop connecting to the network.

reddy4it, ... look at the LAN settings on your router and see if there's a drop down menu at the side of "lease time". I don't know the exact options for Belkin, but if there is then change it to 24 or 12 hours, or less if you can. That way it should free up more IP addresses after the period of time you've set, you won't loose the connection to your network when it happens. After the time period you've set has elapsed see if your laptop will connect to the network in the normal way, it should. Then you can reset the lease time to whatever you want afterwards.

I can sense the frustration in your posts and I don't want to add to your confusion, but I think the problem lies there, with the lease time, as Ritho pointed out.

If that doesn't work then it's best to contact your ISP, explain the problem to them and I'm sure they'll help you out.

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