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Sorry could you keep it more simple, my brains getting fried !, half the time I'm not sure if you all talking about the PC or the laptop !!
And I'm not sure if I should be posting this amount of detail online, as per Ritho's comment about IP address.
Event ID 1002 was a while ago now, so not sure about detail.
This is what I did after laptop was reset ITCP/IP back to auto.
Typed from Laptop [edited]
Internet Explorer cannot display th webpage.
Leaving laptop on it goes to Limited or no connectivity
Repair gets it back to excellent.
But no server although laptop within 6 feet of router.
Typed from PC

Version Info
Firmware Version F5D7230-4_UK_8.01.07
Boot Version v1.01
Hardware F5D7230-4 6000
Serial No. BEL7ff22f8
LAN Settings
LAN/WLAN MAC 00:11:50:ff:22:f8
IP address [edited]
Subnet mask
DHCP Server Enabled
Internet Settings
WAN MAC address [edited]
Connection Type Dynamic
Subnet mask
Wan IP [edited]
Default gateway [edited]
DNS Address [edited]
NAT Enabled
Firewall Settings Enabled
SSID robin
Security Enabled
IP Pool start address [edited]
IP Pool finsh address [edited]

lease forever
Wirless channel, 1, I changed from 11 to try & solve the problem, no differance so have left it on 1.
802.11e QoS, off
As I have been messing with everything so much, would it be wise to reset the router to factory default? and if so would everything else pick up with just log on password?
And reset the laptop, although not sure how I would do that.
Sorry it's so much info' but I hope we can somewhere eventualy.................Robin..

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