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it gets " excellent wireless connection" initially.
You say initially? Does it continue to show that message or does it turn to a little yellow exclamation sign after some time? Also have you checked if can you really communicate with your router? You can easily do this by trying to login to its administrative console by typing its IP address into your browsers address bar? Your router IP should be

With respect, is this the best forum to solve my problem or would suggest others?
We would like to think that this forum is as good as any other for solving these types of problems. There are a lot of guys and gals here that have a lot of years of Windows experience under their belts. Even so, when I have a problem that I can't solve I usually post to three or four forums to get the problem solved more quickly. is a very good place to post if your having wireless problems obviously. In fact here is a thread dealing with similar problems to yours.

If you do solve it elsewhere, come back here, and let us know what the solution was. It is the reward for our labor and it helps other users that might have the same type of problem.

Helping others to help themselves it what we do here.

The smallest good deed is better than the greatest intention.
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