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Ok, here are my two cents...

Your PC's connection to your router is only one hop and does not guarantee an Internet connection (as you are obviously know by now). Your router must get a valid connection to your ISP in order to forward that traffic to your workstations.

You say that all other devices requiring Internet access are working fine off of your Belkin. Thus, your router is obviously set up correctly towards your ISP. You can check that by login in to your router and see what IP address, Subnet Mask, Default Gateway and Primary DNS Server it gets from your ISP.

You are referring to your routers log saying it gets a DHCP error with Event ID 1002 and that it sent a negative acknowledge message to the client (DHCPNACK). Does the log file provide the MAC address of this request? It most probably is the MAC address of the XP Pro client.

One possible reason is that you have configured a too small range of IP addresses that your router can give away. Maybe all of them are used by your other devices. Check that. And it does not necessarily help to switch the other devices off if the router reserves the IP addresses for a while.

A workaround could be to assign a static IP address to your XP Pro client that is in the routers subnet. E.g. if your router is using the IP net and its own address is you could assign another address in that range. In order to so set the following for your Internet protocol on your network adapter:

IP address:
Subnet mask:
Default gateway: (router's address)
(x) Obtain DNS server address automatically

Instead of you can chose any other addres in the subnet like or something. Check your router and see what address is free. If you don't know, just try a few.

Ok, your turn and then let's see where we're at.
Best regards, George
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