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OK. On second look I see I was wrong. (Hanging my head in shame) Your DNS server can indeed be the same as the default gateway, because using DHCP to set your IP address means your router resolves the DNS requests itself and passes them on to your ISP. So I was barking up the wrong tree.

What ever changes you made, based on the advice in my last post, change them back so we don't get even further away from a solution.

Now to move on....
You said

Installed XP Pro on wiped drive after problem started with XP Home installation.Laptop has run in Cornwall on wireless fine for last 3 years.
Moved it to my home in Bucks, no server found although 54mbs signal from excellent to low. Ok on cabled link.
Are you saying that you first started having this problem while XP Home installed on the Laptop, so you did a fresh install of XP Pro, and you still have the exact same problem? Or are you saying the problem began after you installed XP Pro?

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