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Originally Posted by Ritho View Post
The DHCP is as it should be. It is the DNS server that is wrong. The DNS server is what resolves the web addresses you type in your browser to IP addresses that can be pasted over the internet.

The DNS address must be set either to your ISP DNS server address or an another of you choosing. Some people like to use Google's DNS.

To change it go to your network connections and right click on your wireless connection and click properties. On the general tab select "internet Protocol (TCP/IP)" and click properties.

You can either select "obtain dns server address automatically" or add one manually. Google's DNS is included in the picture below.

If you need more detailed help, please ask, and also tell us what version of windows you are running.

Installed XP Pro on wiped drive after problem started with XP Home installation.
Laptop has run in Cornwall on wireless fine for last 3 years.
Moved it to my home in Bucks, no server found although 54mbs signal from excellent to low. Ok on cabled link.
Tried your settings & my host PC settings, no good.
All other 3 laptops, play-station & Wii in house run fine on same router on TCP/IP auto.
Have pic's of PC & Laptop settings if needed..................ta
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