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Well then there you have it. You haven't written anything directly for the site yet and many wish you would, I on the other hand write a lot and many wish I'd shut up Life is all about balance and I'm sure yours would be most welcome here Just let me know if you have anything specific in mind. You can already see from the signatures who's working on what stuff both here and on the main site.

A while back I made my own first tentative steps into Linux by dual booting Ubuntu 9.04 with x 64 Vista. I got on like a house on fire until I tried to update online to 9.10 which is when my problems started. I'm assessing my current Linux knowledge at competent beginner but I'm still not happy with much of what needs doing outside of a GUI environment. Since my problems started I've discovered that a conflict between the ATI chipset and the new linux kernel is causing unstable network connections for at least anyone running a SonyEricsson MD300 mobile broadband modem with either Ubuntu 9.10 or Fedora 12. My tech has suggested I wait because he thinks a fix will soon be forthcoming as Linix has a big following here in Brazil and Claro is the biggest supplier of 3G services using (amongst others) this modem.

I'm led to believe that Ubuntu Ultimate might have enough extra guts to run it but for a 3G file download that's a bit too big for my 256 speed account
In the meantime my tech has given me W7 Ultimate to keep me quiet so all is not lost. The distro I would really like to get sorted is Fedora so I guess I'll just have to wait for the eventual fix.
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