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Originally Posted by debtboy View Post
Hi dre,
I'm currently running a samba server on my Mangaka-Chu (Debial/Ubuntu based distro) w/ no problems,
but I previously ran into a problem on Fedora w/ SELinux enabled, additional settings were needed,
but I disabled SELinux instead to get it to work.
Check if you have SELinux (security enhanced linux) enabled.

Other then that, it might be a firewall or your smb.conf file,
but again I'm not running Ubuntu 9.10

I'm currently running Windows 2003 server here at home. Setting up share from Ubuntu 9.10 and on the server. Previously Ubuntu with 8.04 and 9.04. Did not have any problems. Today i could not even share a folder, but updating samba sorted that out. In my place>network i can see my domain but it tells me unable to mount location>failed to retrieve share list from server. I have looked a bit on Ubuntu forums but no luck yet. Firewall is disabled. What to modify then in smb.conf? I have changed the workgroup to my server domain name. Thats all.
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