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Hi wdhpr,
Thanks for your comment on that other thread

You bring up a good point and there does seem to be a movement or compromise by
some distribution creators not to reject everything that isn't free,
open source and under a particular license.
On the other hand, Debian comes to mind... Ice Weasel vs. Firefox.
Trademarks and supplied binaries were the problem:

This project will always be free and open source:

I'm not a complete free open source (foss) fanboy, but it's a good feeling to know
I'll never end up in court over some fine print in the agreement or if my computer crashes,
I can install my software on the new machine again without breaking any agreement.

I do favour free open source alternatives and agree that they don't always work and still
have a ways to go, but I'm patient and (foss) has come a hell of a long way so far.

Not sure exactly what's in it for them, but I'm glad they keep their soup kitchen open.
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