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2) The blindness that many Linux distros and software are ran and owned by corporations.
* Ubuntu is not open-source, for example. Canonical LTD. also owns every project on Launchpad technically. Last year Canonical LTD grossed $30 million with 200 employees. Zoroastrian Zebra will be for sale at Wal-mart, not a downloadable image.
This is the very thing that keeps me questioning: Whats in it for them (the Linux distro creators?)

In my humble opinion Ubuntu is not ready for prime time. The distro's are buggy and the updates are even worse. Their own brand of chaos I can't imagine the average user being able to over come these obstacles.

With that out of the way I can also say that I have a dual booting computer Windows and Linux.

The question remains whats in it for them? Would it be better to charge a modest sum for a more highly polished version of Linux. I believe at some point complete linux distro's will cease to be free, of course there will always be off-shoots and watered down versions that will remain free. Anyone care to share an opinion on this.

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