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Default Linus Torvalds/Linux: Not the story of computers.

Linux is a great tool -- especially the Live CD -- and has gotten to the point where an end-user can comfortably use a Desktop distro; incredibly powerful operating systems big enough to be comparable to the big guys.

What I find irritating about Linux cultists is two-fold:
1) The shafting of the real innovators
* Without Unix, Microsoft, Sun, IBM, Adobe, etc -- Linux wouldn't exist. It does not create or innovate new technology. Microsoft, being a giant corporation is easy to villify. But do not forget this is one of the most innovating and history-changing companies of all-time.

2) The blindness that many Linux distros and software are ran and owned by corporations.
* Ubuntu is not open-source, for example. Canonical LTD. also owns every project on Launchpad technically. Last year Canonical LTD grossed $30 million with 200 employees. Zoroastrian Zebra will be for sale at Wal-mart, not a downloadable image.

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