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Originally Posted by MidnightCowboy View Post
Please also have some sympathy because since messing up my online upgrade of Ubuntu 9.04/9.10 I've failed dismally to get connected back with Linux. I did try Fedora 12 (KDE) which I really liked but between my tech and me we couldn't get my stupid broadband modem to work and he's now doing exams at uni so might not be able to look again at this for another week. I've got several scripts off the net for Claro (Brazil) and a Sony Ericsson MD300 modem but can't for the life of me work out how to set it up

Don't you just love Vista?
Sorry to hear that...
I'm not familiar with that device and would most likely make your problems worse, but feel free to ask any questions, I'd like to help.

Hope you get back online w/ linux soon.

Yes Fedora is an awesome distro, but their security enhanced linux (SELinux), requires additional configuration to run services like samba.
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