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Originally Posted by bk_7312 View Post
Can I use Python or any other scripting language instead of Bash?
Of course you can use Python, Tcl, Perl, Ruby, C, etc...
With the exception of Ruby, I use Python, Tcl/Tk and Perl quite a bit, but most of my cronjobs are simple bash scripts.

Originally Posted by bk_7312 View Post
What if I want something to run at a specific time in anacron (like 2.45PM everyday) or do I have to use cron/crontab to do that?
Yes, if you want that kind of control, you will have to use a crontab file. An additional advantage of the crontab, is you don't have to be root to use it, where anacron requires root privileges.

Originally Posted by bk_7312 View Post
Does the little person do anything? I have something similar to that little person in my desktop, AMOR (Amusing Misuse Of Resources), it's a creature that does random stuff in your desktop (depending on the character, it can fly around with a jet pack, teleport, fall down from the top of any open application that you just closed or minimized, show tips and etc).
Yes, the little person does small (in place) animations, replys when clicked on, etc..., but not to the extent of your characters. I'm currently looking into how that system works to make a few hacks.
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