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Nice overview you got there, now for a short interview.

Originally Posted by debtboy View Post
As the root user or sudo, drop your executable script into the desired folder and that job will be executed
as close to the interval as possible when the computer is running.

To make your script(s) executable, add a she-bang #!/bin/bash as the first line in your script and then enter your commands.
The executable bit(s) should be set after the file is saved via the chmod command.
For example...
Can I use Python or any other scripting language instead of Bash?

Originally Posted by debtboy View Post
No need to schedule as the folder names speak for themselves.
What if I want something to run at a specific time in anacron (like 2.45PM everyday) or do I have to use cron/crontab to do that?

Originally Posted by debtboy View Post
The little person that appears to be sitting in the image is one of the many desktop mascots (a feature of my current Linux distro Mangaka-chu).
Does the little person do anything? I have something similar to that little person in my desktop, AMOR (Amusing Misuse Of Resources), it's a creature that does random stuff in your desktop (depending on the character, it can fly around with a jet pack, teleport, fall down from the top of any open application that you just closed or minimized, show tips and etc).

See here: (Note that the article is incorrect, AMOR doesn't stand for Automatic Machine Object Recognition, just read the comments.)
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