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Anacron needs very little explanation, you have 4 folders:


As the root user or sudo, drop your executable script into the desired folder and that job will be executed
as close to the interval as possible when the computer is running.

To make your script(s) executable, add a she-bang #!/bin/bash as the first line in your script and then enter your commands.
The executable bit(s) should be set after the file is saved via the chmod command.
For example...

date >> /home/debtboy/log1.txt
save it as
now enter chmod 755 ./
755 = (rwxr_xr_x)
now drop it in the folder of choice.

These were a few cron/crontab/anacron basics via the command line,
but there are graphical interfaces for those who prefer them as well as tasking programs on your favourite desktop environments.

Give cron a try if your not using it already.

That's all there is to it!!
No need to schedule as the folder names speak for themselves.
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