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I suspected OpenOffice wont be installed on the CD, as puppy linux is quite a small distro. And I don't think you can install it, coz you won't be able to save the installation, since the whole OS runs from the ramdisk, and the changes would be lost once you turn off.
But, you can make your own Puppy Linux CD with other packages that you want. It can be done with the help of "Puppy Unleashed", a build script. You can learn more about that on the site. I was just reading the site.
As for the installer, I think there is an installer available to make your task easy. The info there on the site.

You can say mount means to load the hard disk. Actually, to make a hard disk, or an optical disk, a part of the filesystem, you have to mount it. That means attaching the disk at a "mount point" on the filesystem, after which, it is seen as a part of the filesystem. Puppy Linux auto-mounts the hard disk once you click on it, as you told.
Yes, for accessing another hard disk, or USB, you have to mount it first. And then, you have to unmount it afterwards. So yes, to safely remove USB, you will have to unmount it.
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