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Originally Posted by debtboy View Post
Hello everyone,
it looks as if Linux has become slightly more popular than when I was here last.

nice thread...

Keep in mind, you can use Gnome with built-in KDE applications
and vice-versa, same goes for most all environments and window managers.
Yes, debtboy, welcome back. Have not seen your new posts for some time. Am running Firefox on so-called "Ubuntu - KDE Edition", I still need some time to conquer the Konqueror!

After installing KDE package, when booting up to Ubuntu, it shows Kubuntu boot screen briefly before switching back to Ubuntu log in screen, from there I am able to choose either Gnome or KDE session to log in. I find KDE session closer to Win7. At least from the "Kickoff Application Launcher", it has a search box, similar to Vista/Win7. Upon leaving KDE session, I can't directly shutdown. It needs me to log off, going back to Ubuntu log-in screen, then there's a button to shutdown... unless I missed out something?

BTW, these are three articles recently added to the Linux Section:

Best Free Software for Linux
Tips and Tricks for Ubuntu after Installation
Easy Way to Install Ubuntu - from within Windows

Welcome your input, wiki style.

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