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Originally Posted by novice View Post
If you use Ubuntu can you use all of your current software that is designed for Widows?
The short answer is NO! You can not Run widows software on a linux OS

But their are caveats.

Linux has many applications that can do the same job as their Windows counterparts. For example Open Office can process most Windows word processing files. Linux has multimedia software that can play any video or music formats that you can throw at it.

There is a Linux program that allows you run actual windows software on a Linux platform. It is called Wine This software is in constant development however its ability to run Windows software, which includes games, is at best hit and miss.

You questions leads me to believe you are curious about linux but with a limited understanding of Linux. This is fine. Anyone with a computer keeps hearing about this Linux thing. My advice is to Google the word linux and start familiarizing yourself about Linux. For a snapshot of the linux platforms check out this site:
If you are a average computer user, move slowly with linux.

There are Linux live CD's ISO's that be downloaded and then you can burn the ISO image to a CD/DVD disk. You can then boot these Live CD's and have a actual Linux OS to explore, all the time not changing anything to your Windows OS. Most people can move to linux as a dual boot Platform after some time and self education. I found it a very rewarding experience However I still use Windows due to some technical difficulties with Linux.
Hope this helps

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