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Originally Posted by jamblebee View Post
Actually, I was asking to change a PDF file (in MB) into a PDF File (in KB)...
Yes, that's exactly what I did. Print a PDF file (in MB) via a virtual PDF printer, which will create a new PDF file (in KB, as mentioned earlier).

I use PDF printer quite often. Just to differentiate, a physical printer prints a file to paper, a 'virtual' PDF printer prints any document (including PDF file itself) into a file in PDF format. You need to open the PDF file in a reader, select "Print" and choose "Bullzip printer" as the printer to print the document. The printed file is saved in a harddisk without a piece of paper.

This serves the purpose of changing a PDF file into another PDF file in a smaller size, at zero cost, without the need to pay for Acrobat, expensive commercial software.

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