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Originally Posted by jamblebee View Post
I have a 5 MB PDF file, I need it to convert into something smaller. I only have PDF Reader, I have no Adobe Acrobat or whatever. What is the best way to do that? What is the best way to convert it into smaller size?
Free PDF Compresser can compress your pdf file to a smaller size but not much, based on my working on the last free version 1.12. The new version 2.0 is renamed Nice PDF Compressor which is shareware.

If your pdf file contains high quality images which can result in a large pdf file size, try to use a virtual pdf printer to print the file into another pdf file in lower quality. This will significantly reduce the file size. I am able to reduce a 2.2 MB pdf file to a mere 68 KB pdf file for email.

To do so, you can try to install our top pick PDF virtual printer such as Bullzip PDF Printer.
After installing the software, follow these steps:

1. Open up your pdf file in a pdf viewer.
2. Select "Print" to print the pdf file.
3. Choose "Bullzip PDF Printer" as your virtual printer and click OK to print.
4. Change Quality from "Default" to "Screen" from the drop-down menu, and give a new pdf file name.
5. Click the "Save" button.
6. Check if the size of the new pdf file has been reduced.
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