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When you install the latest version of Ubuntu alongside Windows, Ubuntu use Grub2 bootloader to overwrite MBR. When PC starts, it gives an option to load Ubuntu or Windows.

As now the Ubuntu option disappears, it is likely MBR has been overwritten to boot only Windows.

If on Vista or Win7, it's quite easy to rewrite MBR and chainload to Ubuntu 9.10 by using EasyBCD which I've tried, but I think it doesn't work for XP.

As an alternatvie, you might find this page Recover Grub2 via LiveCD helpful. Try to boot into a Ubuntu LiveCD and follow the steps given. Not sure if it will work as I've not tried them. As always you need to do a proper backup if you have important files in the harddisk and note that the system might not boot if the bootloader is not configured correctly.
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