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Default Linux has tons of games and they are free

Hi Jim

First I would hold off uninstalling windows. Linux has many open source games. Some in my opinion are very good. However you will not easily find the newest and latest Windows games being played on linux platforms.
The reason is, (most) game software developers write their programs for windows.

You can not use off the shelf windows software on a linux platform.
There is a caveat.

A utility called Wine has been developed to allow cross platform use of software between windows and linux. Wine is in constant development and its website list the windows software including games its capable of supporting.

To be clear I am no expert with Linux. I been using linux for two years now. I have it installed on one of my hard drive partitions.
I still use window as my primary OS with linux available via a dual boot setup.

I am trying to encourage more interest in linux and would love to see Windows get a kick in their butts by showing them they have some serious competition

My advise is take it slow. You can even use a bootable CD version of linux
without writing anything to your hard drive. Go to DistroWatch website and read up on the various linux platforms before trying one.

In my opinion linux has come a long way and still has a way to go yet.
It is not ready for the average user like my great aunt Gertrude .
However if you enjoy tinkering around with computers I encourage you to give linux a test drive. You will know if you are ready to drop windows.

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