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Originally Posted by kendall View Post
That's exactly what I did and posted above?!

If you look at the pings that I posted, you will see that the first one is OpenDNS and the second is ComodoDNS. I pinged the DNS servers that you posted. If you look at the results above, you'll see that the second set of pings is lower than the first.
OOps sorry kendall I thought that that was you quoting my post Yes if I were you I would use Comodo DNS. Most people will not notice a big improvement but as this it seems to be the closer and as I did say secure dns is supposed to be better than Open dns. One thing you will notice that ther are a lot of people who do not use secure dns because they do not trust Comod for some past issues they had but I and many others think that secure dns is the better choice. Let me know if you notice any difference.

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