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Originally Posted by kendall View Post
Based upon your post above, then, are you saying that I should be using Comodo DNS instead of the current Open DNS that I am using now?
Well this is the thing depending on were you are in the world you will get different results from myself. What I would do is ping Open DNS & Secure DNS and see which you get the better ping to but be aware that ping is not the only thing that will affect responsiveness, the way that the DNS server caches results is another factor but as Open DNS & Secure DNS do this in similar ways this should not be an issue. When pinging these DNS servers remember to do it 2 times and use the second result.

Like I said above I have heard that Secure DNS from Comodo is more security friendly than the free version of Open DNS, I can not confirm this.

One last not the DNS that is provided by your own ISP may very well be the fastest or maybe it is not it all depends, but be assured both Open DNS & Secure DNS are more secure than most DNS offered by your ISP.

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