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Hi bk_7312... nice to hear that you downloaded Puppy Linux, and thanks for sharing here with us. Hope to hear more of your experiences.
I have also wanted to try out Linux always. Lets see when I am able to do it. I have worked on Solaris earlier for a long time, and I have a few experience on Linux, not much though, but I am still familiar with the unix/linux style. Maybe I will try Linux on my old spare system, when I get it ready.

Its difficult to pack all stuff on a small distro, and somethings will always be missing. You can check if OpenOffice is packed in Puppy Linux... if yes, then OpenOffice has a module similar to powerpoint.
If you want to use the hard disk for saving your work while you work on Linux, then you can mount your hard disk on Linux. I dont know if Puppy Linux auto-mounts the hard disk it finds or not. I have tried Knoppix, another popular LiveCD, and it auto-mounts the hard disks.

You can check other small distros, as to what all applications they pack into the CD. You can accordingly choose your distro.

Also, it would be good, if you downloaded a Linux e-book, and got urself familiar with the various commands, and the OS itself, if you havent already done so. Because, the power of unix/linux lies in the command line. Thats where the juice is, to get things done quickly, easily, and efficiently. Although it may seem daunting at first, but when you get familiar with the commands, tasks really become easy.

And yes, you were right, this topic belonged to Linux forum, and now it does .

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