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To those who want to know how well the Linux distro I've downloaded went, it went great.

I've downloaded Puppy Linux (94MB, 4hrs) and install it, the first boot up was more or less the same speed with MS, the second and onwards were faster. IMO, PuppyOS is a great OS that can run entirely on RAM and you can use it entirely from the LiveCD in which it will save a 512MB file (size is adjustable) on your hard disk that covers everything from settings to the packages that you wish to install, meaning you can use PuppyOS without partitioning your hard disk.

The only disadvantage I've found was that it did not include a powerpoint software (at least I didn't find one) and some other minor stuff which I need like transferring my bookmarks to PuppyOS's web browser, seamonkey. Currently I will stick to using PuppyOS until I get used to it before I try any other large sized distro which I have to buy the LiveCD due to a slower Internet connection.

P.S - I've seriously think this thread should be move to the Linux section
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