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Originally Posted by Anupam View Post
I would still keep away .

IMO, this product is not for general users. It will be more of use to those, who want to play with different browsers... or for testers who want to test their webpages in different browsers.

Agreed, it is much more of a specific tool rather than a general browser but will still appeal to a lot of people because of this versatility. Currently I just don't have the time to put into this area as well but I did run it for a while last night and it's still not as good as I had hoped. It copied all of my Firefox addons across without any problems but parts of it just don't look finished. Some of the toolbar icons and the skins in general look decidedly amateur when compared to what's available for FF and Opera. We need to remember that it's stills in beta though (alpha even for some languages) so maybe these things will be addressed as the product develops. It's definitely several steps forward from the previous version but in my opinion still has a way to go

Previously, I also found it very hard to maintain contact with their devs effectively but if they are reading this then fix the skins guys. I know this has no bearing on the performance of the product but it is what will encourage more people outside of Japan to use it.
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