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Default Lunascape 6

Lunascape 6 (codenamed "Orion") has now arrived (Beta for English version)

Anyone who like me was impressed with V5 but thought it lacked the extensibility options may well be interested in this.

"With this version, Lunascape goes beyond the Triple Engine and adds Triple Add-on support, achieving the greatest degree of extensibility and flexibility among Web browsers. Many of you have asked for compatibility with Firefox add-ons and now you have it! You can now utilize the vast array of add-ons for Firefox in addition to IE add-ons and Lunascape plug-ins, in a single platform. Transferring your existing Firefox add-ons is easy and adding new ones to Lunascape is intuitive. And we have added a smart add-on organizer as a “gecko toolbar” so that you can manage add-ons easily with no clutter."

I will certainly be running this to see how the new features pan out.

Sorry, should have mentioned that in addition to the initial program installer containing the Trident (IE) engine (10.2MB) you will also need to download the Gecko (Firefox) engine @11MB, and the WebKit (Safari) engine @ 12.8MB. This process will begin automatically when you run the initial installer but you will need to stay around your PC to allow these two other engine requests out through your firewall. Overall this involves a total download of some 34MB
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