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Originally Posted by bk_7312 View Post

I didn't encounter any problem at all, maybe it was because I didn't bother trying anything (from playing mp3 files to trying out apps and etc). Will try them soon when I have the time. I was just checking out the pre-installed list of softwares and browsing through the menus when I realized that there was no control panel. Maybe I missed it or something but it's weird not being able to find the control panel.
I'm convinced now that 95% of the problems I've encountered are because I elected to upgrade my existing installation rather than make a clean install of 9.10.

Ubuntu is different to Windows in a lot of areas Desktop settings are the same as my Vista in that you can right click on the screen to gain access to this but other stuff you need to access from System-Preferences-Administration or Maintenance.

The various links in this 'how to' explain it all
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