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Ubuntu's boot time convinced me to install it in VirtualBox, installation was fairly simple, I skipped disk partitioning and finished the installation within 30 minutes. Afterwards, I booted into Ubuntu, the boot time was approximately 45 seconds, the shut down time was an incredibly 2 to 3 seconds!

I didn't encounter any problem at all, maybe it was because I didn't bother trying anything (from playing mp3 files to trying out apps and etc). Will try them soon when I have the time. I was just checking out the pre-installed list of softwares and browsing through the menus when I realized that there was no control panel. Maybe I missed it or something but it's weird not being able to find the control panel.

Well, that's pretty much everything, not much to say except that I might switch to Ubuntu if it performs well in VirtualBox. So far, everything seems quite promising. Right now, I just wish that I could get more disk space and RAM for my laptop so that it could populate more OS for me to try.
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