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A friend of mine recently downloaded Ubuntu 9.10 .ISO file, I asked for a copy and I have just booted into Ubuntu 9.10 a while ago in VirtualBox under MEPIS Linux. My PC has 512MB of RAM and 1.2GB swap. I didn't install Ubuntu in VirtualBox (or even want to), I just wanted to try Ubuntu as a LiveCD but didn't feel like wasting time (or CD) burning another CD.

I gave Ubuntu 226MB of RAM and loaded the .ISO file and started trying it. I was amazed that it booted to a fully usable desktop in less that 2 minutes! Note that I was booting it in VirtualBox with 226MB RAM. Unfortunately, after it booted to the desktop, everything slowed down, even the cursor movements weren't smooth.

MEPIS Linux took about 3 minutes or more to boot from the LiveCD, not in VirtualBox but from the CD, and because it was booted from the CD, it has access to all 512MB of RAM. To make the test fair, I booted into MEPIS Linux in VirtualBox with 226MB of RAM but the boot time was still almost the same.

This is truly shocking... I hope MEPIS 8.5 will drastically reduce its boot time like Ubuntu, in both the LiveCD experience and after installing.
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