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Default Ubuntu early adopters will always smart for it.

One thing many experienced Ubuntu users will do is wait a month or so after a new release before upgrading. I have been using Ubuntu for a quite some time now and find that most of the initial problems are ironed out in the first 4 or 5 weeks. If you use a community edition such as Linux Mint, you will usually find it has less bugs because it is released after most of the original bugs are fixed. It is interesting to note that statistically Karmic has been just about as troublesome for early adopters, as Jaunty, which was just a little better than Intrepid.

Anyway since Ubuntu releases a new edition every 6 months it does not really give the OS enough beta and RC testing time. It really does Canonical a lot of harm and also Linux in general because users who may looking to move to a new OS from Windows will usually download the newest editions (instead of the LTS edition) and they will give up on it and may not try again.

While I agree that 9.10 is definitely not a Windows 7 killer, Ubuntu has come a long way in the last seven years for a free OS and a lot of hopes are hanging on 10.4 which will be the next LTS.
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