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Originally Posted by Jojoyee View Post
So far, one thing I'm most unhappy with is that the windows manager comes with Ubuntu always open up the window at the top left of the desktop area. It can't memorize the position of the last open windows. Worse still, I managed to set the windows to open at the center when using Ubuntu 9.04, and I couldn't get it to work the same using Ubuntu 9.10. Certain tips I got from 'Mr. Google' do not seem to work either.
I managed to get it to work now with this (after installing CCSM):

System > Preferences > CompizConfig-Settings-Manager > Window Management > Place Windows > Placement Mode > Centered.

At least now any new window will open up in center (as it does in 9.04), and not in a top-left corner. The placement mode 'smart' doesn't look smart at all to me.
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