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Just one issue which demonstrates why it's difficult to wean Windoze users onto Linux.

Having recently upgrared to Ubuntu 9.10 and (sort of) got my USB modem working I started having crashes with Seamonkey. It was a while before I discovered that Karmic still ships with V1.1.17. I had upgraded to V2.0 with Ubuntu 9.04 but somehow this was lost during the upgrade process and I was now stuck with the older version default (complete with known bugs!) Also, since the upgrade my “dodgy” repo addresses are no longer in the Karmic sources list. So, I have to un-install Seamonkey 1.1.17 and all it's Gnome dependencies, search the net for a “dodgy” source for 2.0, enable this in my sources list, update and then drag the new file + dependencies off the web.

Then I discover that this is not the 2.0 final version but an old one!
More hunting through the forums brings up bugs attached to 2.0 final with Karmic so now I'm back to using either Opera or Evolution!

Even considering that a similar set of circumstances were possible with Windows it would have taken less than 2 minutes to remove the old program and/or upgrade to the new. Just one of the frustrations associated with Linux.

Maybe there was an easier way round this but if I don't know it with my embryonic knowledge of Linux then I'm sure many others don't either.
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