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Originally Posted by Iric_S View Post
I use an internet email as my main email since I occasionally change states and my ISP changes. I've been using Yahoo email for many years and been generally satisfied. My long-term accounts, such as Adobe Photoshop and ebay are on Yahoo. Lately, their Norton AV scanner has identified some safe attachments sent to me as viruses, and refused to download them. The attachments are deleted when the emails are forwarded also, so that won't work. When they were re-sent on the ISP's email they scanned fine and I could open them.

I also have a gmail account for business and special purposes. I tried to send a small executable file as an attachment, but Gmail stopped my sending it as an exe or zip file.

Does anyone know of any alternatives that are national. without cost and will let ME handle security?

You can send .exe's in gmail, have a look at this article for some how-to's.
Easiest is to rename the file extension from .exe to something else, but the receiver then has to rename it as well.
Alternatively, you can upload the file to a service such as, which gives you a URL for people to download it. It can be password protected, or not. There are also some online storage services that allow access to any files the owner gives permissions for.
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