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Originally Posted by MidnightCowboy View Post
The rest of it was OK then?
No it wasn't

This is just a simple example of something that should work out of the box. Ok, they claim they cannot install the MP3 software due to legal issues. Fine I can understand that. But why offer a search option that just doesn't work??

We still have the boring graphics and resolutions included with Ubuntu, unless we choose to install a driver owned by the hardware supplier. No bit difference from Windows 7 there then.

Boot and shutdown times are now so bad I start the process and go and do something else. This puts 9.10 on a par with Vista. Windows 7 is streets ahead due to significant efforts to reduce resource contention in the kernel.

This all sounds like I hate Ubuntu. I don't. My downstairs laptop runs it all the time, just a pain to have to sort audio out again. On my main machine I switch between the 64 bit versions of Ubuntu 9,10 and Windows 7, depending on the tools that I happen to need.

Perhaps the next major release of Ubuntu will once and for all nail these multimedia issues. Who knows?

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