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Thanks bk_7312 for pointing to this article Ubuntu 9.10 - One step forward, two steps back, well written and informative.

While I'm reading it...

On the 'Confusing stuff' about IBus, it says:

Some of the menu entries are not that clear. For example, there's the IBus entry. I have no idea what it does...
IBus refers to "Intelligent Input Bus". According to Wiki, it is "an input method (IM) framework for multilingual input in Unix-like operating systems [like Ubuntu Linux]. It's called "Bus" because it has a bus-like architecture."

I use IBus on Ubuntu 9.10 smoothly without an issue. I need IBus to input Eastern language characters on applications running in Ubuntu 9.10, and it works quite similarly to the way the language bar and input methods used in Windows.

On this point, I give Ubuntu 9.10 a thumbs-up, but it should consider to use 'input method' or other general terms rather than the technical term 'IBus'.

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