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Originally Posted by rikmayell View Post
Ubuntu 9.10 is a major change to earlier 9.x versions. Much touted as a Windows 7 killer, I has chance this afternoon to try it out. I may not be the best judge as I expect things like this to 'just work.'

Ubuntu recognises my external USB drive that has all my music on it, Trying to play an MP3 gives me the 'cannot do this message, offer to search?' Search finds nothing. I eventually identify the modules needed, download and install them and then try to access my music.

Goes from bad to worse. Run a 'music player', import a directory and it will only play one track. I tried several, made no difference.
I agree with Rik that I expect things to just work. If the OS never asks me to go DOS or Terminal to key in some commands, I will give it a thumbs-up.

My experience in playing mp3 on Rhythmbox Music Player, a default player pre-installed with Ubuntu 9.10, is still good.

When I click an mp3 file, it prompts me to download 3 extra files, I click OK and it downloads for me without me searching, and it plays well after downloading. Unfortunately, Ubuntu doesn't want to include mp3 codec by default. It has been touted in this article the first thing to do among 10 Things To Do After You Install Ubuntu.

I tried my mp3 collection in my external harddisk via an USB port. Imported the folder into the music player, and it still plays fine for me. It auto plays the second mp3 after finishing the first one with no issue.

Close the music player, unplug and replug the harddisk, re-open the player, hey, the imported list of mp3 is still there. I don't need to import again. (not yet tried it if it works the same when I re-start the OS).

So far, one thing I'm most unhappy with is that the windows manager comes with Ubuntu always open up the window at the top left of the desktop area. It can't memorize the position of the last open winows. Worse still, I managed to set the windows to open at the center when using Ubuntu 9.04, and I couldn't get it to work the same using Ubuntu 9.10. Certain tips I got from 'Mr. Google' do not seem to work either.

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