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Thumbs down Ubuntu 9.10, the Windows killer..No

Ubuntu 9.10 is a major change to earlier 9.x versions. Much touted as a Windows 7 killer, I has chance this afternoon to try it out. I may not be the best judge as I expect things like this to 'just work.'

No problem with the installation, couple of things, not unreasonable, to sort on the first reboot and I'm happy, for about 30 seconds.

Ubuntu recognises my external USB drive that has all my music on it, Trying to play an MP3 gives me the 'cannot do this message, offer to search?' Search finds nothing. I eventually identify the modules needed, download and install them and then try to access my music.

Goes from bad to worse. Run a 'music player', import a directory and it will only play one track. I tried several, made no difference.

Now the people who designed the interfaces to these things, and I use the term(s) loosely, are wasting my time. If I put a CD in my CD player and press play, it works. Why the difference?

When it comes to technical things I have great patience. Things like this, unless I've sussed in 10 seconds, forget it. I suppose that's why Apple have just posted increased sales and profits. Next year we'll see the Windows 7 effect on MS profits.

Finally, I don't want to spend my time working out how to use something that is second nature to you or a sound engineer. I just want music.

Overall : FAILED
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